Wraparound Services

Wraparound Services, including Safe at Home and Children with Severe Emotional Disorder (CSED), are programs designed to help bring youth back into their community. We work with the family and the community to get what is needed to help the family so that the youth will be able to have the services that are needed to keep him/ her in the home.

The goals of Safe at Home are to:

• Ensure youth remain in their own communities whenever safely possible
• Reduce reliance on foster care/congregate care and prevent re-entries
• Reduce the number of children in higher cost placements out-of-state
• Step down youth in congregate care and/or reunify them with their families and home communities

Safe at Home is initially focusing on youth 9-18 years old in congregate care both in and out of state. We believe that if targeted and comprehensive community services are provided to wrap around youth and their families, we can either reunify them, keep them out of care, and keep youth in their communities.

• This effort requires youth-serving public and private organizations to partner, innovate, and develop a shared commitment to transform the way we serve families. Key partners include child welfare, the courts, schools, probation, behavioral health, service providers, and others.
• Through Safe at Home West Virginia, providers are able to serve families with more flexible, targeted and individualized services, and more effectively engage public and private partners to better meet the needs of youth and families.
• Safe at Home also supports improved well-being with a particular focus on developing youth into successful, productive citizens.

Safe at Home includes:

• Trauma-informed assessments for youth and their families to identify their needs.
• Trauma-informed wraparound services.
• Evidence-based services and supports.
• Opportunities to provide services early and often, aligned with the targeted needs of youth and their families.

Children with Severe Emotional Disorder (CSED)

• CSED is for children aged 5-20.
• More in-depth treatment program.
• The Medicaid program funds this treatment option.

For more information please contact the Martinsburg office at 304-260-5884​.