Success Stories

Erika’s Story

Erika was referred to the Safe At Home Program (SAH) on July 6, 2017 after being in placement for over a year before returning home. She had been removed from her home due to frequent truancy issues, failing most if not all her classes, substance abuse issues and incorrigibility with authority figures. When she was about to return home after placement, she was referred to SAH to help keep her on the right track and to provide a positive support system from her family and community.

Erika returned home just before the beginning of the new school year. She was linked to therapy services to continue progress with her coping skills. She also participated in all SAH meetings. We compiled community resources based on her interest levels to help keep her on the track to success. She attended tutoring with the school system and tried mentoring at a local beauty salon.

She was also set up with a college mentor. A young woman, who participated in Family Team Meetings with Erika and provided her with a good life role model. They did many things outside of school including shopping, getting their nails done, going to the movies, dining out and more.

Erika participated in our Group SAH outings that helped teach appropriate social skills with appropriate peers. She also took the ACT Prep course, as she wants to go to college and study radiology or business.

Eventually, after a year of services and support from the SAH team, Erika became class president, was passing all grades and making the honor roll, was sober for over a year, is graduating on time with her class and is applying to colleges for the Fall of 2019. She was closed out of SAH July 2018, finished her probationary period and is no longer under the court system. Erika credits her time with SAH as helping her to grow up and become a more productive community member. As of today, we still have contact with her. She is continuing to do extremely well. Her family is proud of her as she looks forward to going off to college.

Erika's Foster Story
The Walkup Adoption Story

The Walkup’s

Donald and Rebecca “Becky” Walkup have been BUMFS foster parents in the Beckley region since May 2013. The Walkup’s are wonderful, friendly, warm, and caring people who decided to open their home to children who were in need with the hopes of becoming a family. Theyhave fostered approximately 13 children over the years. Of those 13 children, they have adopted 4 boys and are currently fostering-to-adopt 2 girls. Donald and Becky are open to taking children with issues and behaviors that are a challenge for most people. They are dedicated to the children placed in their home and do not give up on the children easily despite the challenges.

Donald and Becky have been a family that Burlington could count on. When we would ask for placement they were always up for a challenge. They are good to the children and teach them respect, love and family values.

The Walkup’s reside in a rural area of Fayette County where they farm, have a garden, and preserve a large portion of the food they grow. They are good, wholesome, God-fearing people who enjoy camping, fishing, sports, and travel with their family unit.

The Hudson’s

Travis and Heather Hudson wanted a family. They tried infertility treatments for six years to no avail. They had a friend who shared their adoption story with them. Their friend adopted a twelve year old boy. Travis led the way for the couple to begin the fostering process. They began taking classes and reached out to Burlington for a home study for our foster to adopt program. The Hudson’s were certified in March 2016 to become foster parents. They also accepted their first placement on that date. Faith was placed with them at 9 pm that night. Three months later, Faith’s baby sister, Kenna arrived. She was born 33 weeks premature. She was in the NICU for 10 days. Kenna came home at 4 lbs. 10 oz. Faith and Kenna’s adoption was final on September 26, 2018.Heather Hudson said, “We wouldn’t have our God-led family without our Burlington workers.”

After becoming “Happily Ever Hudson” as a family of four, the Hudson’s planned on closing their foster home. But, God had other plans for them., They have welcomed two teenagers , who they are going to adopt as well.

Erika's Foster Story