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Changing lives by preventing harm and providing hope and healing to hurting children and families.

Come One! Come All! On Saturday, June 18th from 12:00 PM – 6:00 PM we will have live music, food vendors, and crafters for the dedication of our NEW Apple Harvest Auxiliary Building. People will be able to tour the new facility and view memorabilia from previous Apple Harvest Festivals! Please keep in mind though we will not have any apple butter available until the Apple Harvest Festival in October! Make sure to be there at 12:00 PM for the ribbon cutting!!


Amanda Looks to Help

KEYSER – Childhood is usually a time for joy, fun, and wonder. It’s about family vacations, endless stories, making friends, and getting hugs from your parents.

Yet not every person has those wonderful memories of growing up.

For Amanda Allred, her childhood memories are filled with abuse, hurt and betrayal.


Are you interested in adoption? Even if you are just starting to think about it, we can help! Click the button below to visit our adoption page. For more information about adoption email adoption@bumfs.org or contact our Charleston social worker, Jennifer Brown, 304-720-1904 or jbrown@bumfs.org or our Keyser social worker, Patty Leasure, 304-788-5384 or sleasure@bumfs.org. 

Brittany's Farewell

“When I walked into this house March 2, 2019, I was lost, broken, afraid and nowhere near ready to open up to anyone. I did and said everything I thought the staff here wanted me to do and say. I wore masks. Not only did I lie to them on a regular basis, I was lying to myself. I felt that as long as I agreed to come into this program, I could get my kids back. I thought I would come here long enough to accomplish that and then get back to my life. At the time I was still very much in denial …” .

The Michael Family

Ray and Tammy Michael started adopting children through Burlington in 1987.

“A child just wants a home, love, and care… When you see those needs get met you will see them blossom.” Tammy Michael.