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Jonathon's Adoption Story

Jonathon's Adoption Story

May 16th, 2024 was the day Jonathon waited 3,652 days for. He was placed into the system at 5 years old. For 10 years, it was placement after placement—residential after residential. Now at 15 years old, he found the perfect fit.

Randy Laxton and Caitlyn Lewis from Mercer County have been taking on teen foster kids since 2022. After two years with them, the young couple adopted Johnathon. On this day in May, they officially became a family.


Are you interested in adoption? Even if you are just starting to think about it, we can help! Click the button below to visit our adoption page. For more information about adoption email adoption@bumfs.org or contact our our Keyser social worker, Patty Leasure, 304-788-5384 or sleasure@bumfs.org.

Logan Learns to Cope

Logan Learns to Cope

Logan was referred to Safe at Home due to frequent suspensions for aggression and defiance at school. Initially, he was very guarded and would only provide brief responses (“yep,” “mhm,” etc.).Over time, his facilitator built a strong rapport with him, helping Logan develop coping strategies like leaving the environment when triggered. The facilitator also supported his family at home. During six months in the program, Logan had only one suspension and successfully completed the program. He now enjoys a stronger relationship with his family.

The Michael Family

Ray and Tammy Michael started adopting children through Burlington in 1987.

“A child just wants a home, love, and care… When you see those needs get met you will see them blossom.” Tammy Michael.

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