Staggers Recovery House

The Staggers Recovery House is a 12 to 18 month residential living program for women in recovery. The program provides a safe, sober and supportive environment while working individually on long term goals and making connection with community resources. A range of services including linkages to outside treatment resources are provided.

Clients will maintain a structured daily schedule, attend self-help meetings, perform community service, and obtain goals regarding their education, training, and occupation through a progressive level system. Accountability including a consistent theme of honesty and integrity are emphasized in our program. The resident is expected to be an active participant in their own recovery as well as an active participant in the community.

Admissions Criteria:
• Referrals must be completed by your local Day Report Center.
• Be at least 18 years of age.
• Clients can be pregnant.
• Must have a substance abuse history with a primary diagnosis of substance abuse.
• Client must be in or have completed an educational program and working or pursuing work or educational program of their choice.
• Be able to pass a drug screening upon admission.
• Any medical/psychiatric conditions must be stabilized before entering the Recovery House.

For further information about Admission Criteria, please call 304-289-5632.

Regions Served:
The Staggers Recovery House serves all fifty five (55) counties throughout West Virginia.

For more information please contact Kateri Fazenbaker at 304-289-5632 or