Considering adoption, but not sure what type is best for your family? We can help you understand the types, process and costs involved as well as assist you in making a plan to build your family through adoption. Our Adoption Consultants can also assist you in researching and selecting an agency source for out-of-state domestic adoption.

Types of Adoption:

-Domestic – Children from within the U.S., ranging in age from newborn to teens.
-Special Needs – Domestic placements. The characteristics that are used to describe special needs are defined as: over the age of 8 which presents a barrier to adoption; a physical or mental disability; serious emotional maladjustment; a recognized high risk of physical or mental disability; over the age of 2 and has a racial or ethnic factor; a member of a sibling group who should be placed together; has been certified as a special needs child by the department.

Services Provided:

*We are licensed by the WV Department of Health and Human Resources and serve all counties in the state of WV.

-Home Studies
-Adoptive Parent Training
-Domestic Newborn Placements
-Post-Placement and Post-Adoption Services
-Counseling and support services to birth parents and adult adoptees.

Birth Parent Counseling:

We provide free, confidential services to birth parents, residing in WV, in need of assistance in deciding the best plan for their child, whether they choose to parent or make an adoption plan. Counseling and support services, which are determined on an individual basis, are available to birth parents and their families. Any birth parent who is experiencing an unplanned pregnancy or feels they are not emotionally or financially prepared to parent may contact our social workers at any point throughout the pregnancy or after the birth of their child to arrange for counseling and informational services.

For more information about adoption or birth parent counseling, please fill out the form below,  or contact our Keyser social worker, Patty Leasure, 304-788-2342 or

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