How Can A Recovery House Be Helpful To Me

Recovery is a difficult process and one that is a lifelong journey. At a Burlington United Methodist Family Services Recovery House, we can help provide you with the support and the tools you need to continue your recovery process.

Many people just aren’t sure what to expect when considering a recovery house as the next step in their journey. Here, we provide ways that people find value in their time at a recovery house.


One of the main things that people tend to enjoy the most about recovery houses in the community. When in a recovery house, you’re surrounded by a group of people who understand your struggle and share the same goals as you. This community will grow with you, support you, and hold you accountable to stay on track with your recovery goals.

At the BUMFS Recovery Houses, we also emphasize work in our community. Residents will participate in community service activities, helping to integrate them back as a community member.

House Director

When you’re in a recovery home, you will usually have a director there as well. These directors serve as a tremendous resource to the residents. The director is available to help you 24 hours a day in case a situation should arise that you need help with. The house directors also maintain the house’s rules, ensuring the house continues to be a safe space for everyone there.

Reintegration to a Normal Life

When an individual struggles with substance use, many important everyday things get thrown to the side. In a recovery house, you will get support with establishing a healthy daily routine and developing habits such as exercise, taking on more personal responsibility, simple life skills, and even finding employment. 

After recovering from substance use, jumping back into normal life can feel like a shock. It’s a difficult process, and a recovery house can help bridge that gap to ease you back into normal life. Research has shown that living in a recovery house dramatically reduces your chances of relapsing. A recovery house provides you with a safe place away from influences and environments that could trigger a relapse.

Living in a recovery house will help you regain some control over your life through independence. You’ll be free to take on new hobbies and interests, shop for your own food and cook for yourself, make new meaningful relationships, and do other activities that bring you joy. In a recovery house, you have the opportunity to regain control of your life while in an environment where you have the support to continue your recovery.

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