FAQ Answered By Burlington Foster Families
With over 6,900 children in West Virginia’s foster care system, there is a growing need for loving foster families. Recognizing this need we have started talking to some of our foster families and what drives their passion for these children in the hopes of encouraging others to also step up and foster a child. During these interviews, we have also asked them to answer some of the questions asked by those interested in fostering. Continue reading to learn more about foster care and to have your questions answered. You can also watch our foster family testimonials here. 

What types of people are foster parents? 

There is no one set type of foster parent. Foster parents come from all walks of life meaning that they are amazing, hard-working, caring individuals from all socioeconomic, religious, ethnic, and racial backgrounds. You do have to go through a home study though. The home study is a family assessment where a social worker interviews everyone in the house. They also do a background check on all the adults in the home so that is something to keep in mind.  

Why should I consider becoming a foster parent?

Being a foster parent is one of the most important and rewarding things you can do. You meet the basic needs of these children and then you get to watch them blossom. These kids just want to feel safe and cared for. You are also offering them a second chance and hope. Hope is important. 

Do foster children see their biological parents during the time they are in foster care?

So, the big thing with fostering is reunification. Some of the children you foster will see their biological parents on a regular basis as part of the court-ordered plan to reunite the family. This should not discourage you though. You still become a valuable part of that child’s life and remain that even after the family is reunited. 

Can foster parents adopt their foster children?

If reunification is no longer an option for the child it could become a possibility. We have had the opportunity to adopt twelve of the children we have fostered over the years. That’s not to say it will happen in every situation. 

Do I need to be married to be a foster parent?

That’s the great thing about fostering you do not have to be married to be a foster parent. 

How long do foster children stay in foster care? 

Foster care is a temporary arrangement for children while their parents are rectifying the situation that brought the child into your care. The amount of time a child spends in foster care varies by each case. In most circumstances, every effort is made to reunite children with their parents as soon as it is safe for the child.

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“For I know what I have planned for you,” says the Lord. “I have plans to prosper you, not to harm you. I have plans to give you a future filled with hope.” — Jeremiah 29:11