Common Myths About Foster Care

The world of fostering can be confusing, and there are a lot of falsehoods out there believed by potential foster parents. Here we have addressed some of the most common myths about foster care so that you can be more informed if you’re considering the decision to foster. 

It’s Wrong To Get Attached

One of the most common misconceptions that potential foster parents have is that they could never do it because they would become too attached to their foster child, making it too difficult to let the child return to their biological parents one day. 

This is a myth because you should become attached to the child. Fostering a child means that you should and will form a connection with them, and it would be detrimental to a foster child if you didn’t. Of course, it’s not always easy when it’s time for the child to return, but the work that you’re doing and the impact you’re having as their foster parent is worth it.

Foster parents do it because they do care, so don’t let the fear of forming a connection with a child who desperately needs it hold you back. 

Fostering a Child Is Bad for My Own Children

Many people think that because children in foster care usually have trauma in their past, fostering a child can mean bad news for their own biological children. Many foster parents, however, find the opposite to be the case.

Though adding a foster child to the home can cause some difficult dynamics, these are the same things that people experience when having another child of their own. Parents will usually see their children become more selfless, more empathetic, and more flexible due to having a new child in their home. 

It takes some adjustment, but the new dynamic will eventually feel like the new normal.

I’m Not Equipped to Be a Foster Parent

Though there are some qualifications to be a foster parent, most people find out that they’re far more equipped than they thought. Here are a few things that are NOT true about being a foster parent.

  • You need to already be a parent
  • You need to be married
  • You need to make a lot of money 
  • You need to own a big home
  • You can’t work full time
  • You need to provide health insurance

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